Electoral Education Module 3: The revision of electoral lists

The revision of the electoral lists revolves around two main axes, namely the updating of the electoral register and the grooming of it.

In the update of the electoral register, appear in good place, the inscriptions on the electoral lists and the various modifications.

Entries during the period of revision of the electoral lists, only concern people who have reached the electoral majority in the meantime, those who were not able to register during the biometrical remaking of the electoral rolls in 2013, those who have recovered electoral capacity in the meantime and those who have changed their place of residence.

As for the modifications to be made to the electoral roll, they relate to changes of residence and material errors, including names and surnames, filiation, date and place of birth of voters.

Regarding the grooming of the electoral roll, it is a question of adding or removing (delisting) electoral lists, certain categories of citizens.

Citizens who fulfill the conditions required by law and those previously omitted are added to the voters list.

The voters' lists, deceased persons, persons whose removal has been ordered by the competent judicial authority, those who no longer fulfill the conditions required by law and those who have been improperly entered are removed.

Good to know, the annual revision of the electoral lists is suspended from the date of the election of the electorate.

According to the Electoral Code, the President of the commission for the revision of the electoral rolls will address by 5 September at the latest, the minutes of the works of the said commission at the departmental dismemberment of Elections Cameroon, with in appendices, the documents relating to radiation. and modifications. The head of the latter must in turn transmit the provisional electoral lists to the relevant municipal divisions, for posting no later than 20 October.

It is important to point out that as soon as the provisional voters lists are published, any political party or elector may refer irregularities or omissions to the board of revisors or, where applicable, the departmental supervisory board.

No later than November 10, the departmental dismemberment of Elecam receives the minutes of the corrective operations operated on the electoral lists and after having established the revised electoral register of the department, it must transmit it to the regional dismemberment which in turn, will have no later than 10 December, send it to the Director General of Elections. This last resort, will have to establish and make public, the national list of electors, at the latest on December 30th.