Elections Cameroon Board holds fifth session as of right related to the 12 March 2023 election of senators.

Chaired by Enow Abrams Egbe, Chairperson of the Electoral Board, the session was devoted to reviewing the balance sheet, evaluating and drawing lessons from the 12 March 2023 Senate elections.

This session was also an opportunity for the elections and referendums management institution to commend the active participation and commitment of election observers as well as the media who worked for an ever-improving democracy. Thanks to the impetus and citizen participation they bring to the elections, and especially to relevant recommendations, ELECAM is determined to consolidate its credibility as well as the trust and commitment of its citizens every day.

In his opening remarks, Enow Abrams Egbe, Chairperson of the Electoral Board did not fail to express his satisfaction and appreciation to the Director General of Elections to whom he addressed a famous quote from the President of the Republic, namely "One word: continue!”



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