ELECAM in the Digital Era

Administrations, be they private or public, must embrace digital technology to get up to speed with modern communication standards, and avoid falling behind galloping technological advances.

In a bid to satisfy this modern-day requirement, Elections Cameroon recently put a new website online, which to its credit, offers several advantages.

Created with the most recent technology, ELECAM’s new website is easily accessible, in tune with the graphic chart and colours of the institution. The site has an incorporated blog, composed of a tribune that allows ELECAM officials to express their views about the institution. The site equally includes several social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud… for a more effective interactivity and more extensive users.

With regard to the year 2018, projected to witness the organisation of important elections, this tool shall most certainly speed up exchanges between ELECAM and citizens. Accordingly, it will be logical for all stakeholders to appropriate it for advancement of the Cameroonian democracy.


The Directorate General of Elections