2023 senatorial elections: Consultation between Elections Cameroon and other stakeholders of the electoral process.

The organising of consultations between ELECAM and other stakeholders in the electoral process is based on Section 11 of the Electoral Code, which stipulates in paragraph 2 that the Electoral Board shall organise consultations with the Administration, the Judiciary, political parties, the media and possibly the civil society, within the framework of managing the electoral process.
It is in the light of this Section that the Mont Fébé Hotel served as a venue on Friday, 24 February 2023 for a consultation between Elections Cameroon and other stakeholders in the electoral process in view of the upcoming 12 March election of senators.
The theme of the meeting was "For a credible, secure, inclusive and peaceful election".
In his opening speech, the Chairperson of the Electoral Board, Enow Abrams Egbe, reminded participants that the credibility and integrity of an election can be ensured when all stakeholders have equal and fair access to the electoral process and no actor has an undue advantage over others.

He also called for accountability from all key players in the electoral process.
This broad consultation ended on a note of satisfaction from all participants.