2023 election of Senators: Electoral Board set to start processing candidacies files

After receiving candidacy files for the 12 March 2023 election of senators, the Director General of Elections forwarded them to the Electoral Board for scrutiny and approval.
As at 28 January 2023, a total of thirteen (13) political parties, namely: CPDM, UNDP, UPC, SDF, FDC, JDC, UCDI, ANDP, MDR, PCRN, FSNC, UMS, and UDC had sent their candidacy files to the Directorate General of Elections and divisional branches of ELECAM.
According to the electoral law, the Electoral Board shall adopt and publish the list of candidates at least 15 days before the date of the election. The Constitutional Council will be notified immediately. Petitions on the rejection or acceptance of candidacy files are made within two days of the publication of the list of candidates.
The 13 political parties that have submitted their candidacy files are therefore awaiting the first verdict of ELECAM in the coming days.