2018 Presidential Election: ELECAM dispatches electoral material to the Diaspora.

Members of the Electoral Board and frontline staff of Elections Cameroon have undertaken a working visit to the 40 diplomatic representations and consular posts abroad authorised to officially host voting by Cameroonians settled or residing abroad.

This mission falls in line with Sections 271 to 274 of the Electoral Code which stipulates that, Cameroonian citizens settled abroad shall exercise their rights to vote through their participation in the election of the President of the Republic and in referendums.

In view of this participation of citizens residing abroad in the upcoming presidential election, the following structures have been set up in diplomatic representations and consular posts:

- Commissions charged with the drawing up and revision of registered electors;

- Commissions charged with the issuance and distribution of voters cards;

- Local polling commissions.

Against this backdrop, Members of the Electoral Board have undertaken a field trip to the Diaspora to hold meetings with focal points of diplomatic representations, consular posts and political parties within the framework of validating these commissions mentioned above.

In the same vein, frontline staff of the Directorate General of Elections are also in the Diaspora not only to deposit electoral materials and documents comprising of

  • Polling booths
  • Ballot boxes
  • Voters card
  • Report forms
  • Roll ups
  • Provisional Electoral rolls amongst others but also to train focal points and polling station officials in the monitoring of election operations and polling station.

Mys Epassy