Board Session of Elections Cameroon

Third ordinary session of the Electoral Board, the Chairperson Enow Abrams EGBE, commends democratic progress made in Cameroon.

The third ordinary session of the Electoral Board for the year 2019 held on Wednesday, 9 October 2019 in the conference hall of ELECAM’s head office located at the administrative neighbourhood.
During his introductory remarks, the Chairperson of the Electoral Board warmly welcomed the new board member Mr Salifou NJIPENDI, appointed on 16 September 2019 by presidential decree, and later called for vigilance on the part of all members on the eve of municipal, legislative and regional elections.

In perspective, Enow Abrams EGBE said that a field trip to ELECAM branches is planned in the coming days in order to take stock of electoral registers after the close of registrations for the current year. This deployment will be an opportunity to inspect renovation works of some ELECAM structures in the branches, to have the mindset of the staff and finally to assess the relationship climate between ELECAM and other stakeholders of the electoral process.