A state-of-the-art ELECAM

The new enrollment kits for the purpose of registering Cameroonians of voting age are already in stock at National Centre for Elections Biometrics in Yaounde and will be dispatched to the regional offices in the days ahead.
The kits are the products of six (6)years of research on the  strength and weaknesses of the first generation kits.Rated better in terms of perfomance, they are built to enroll 200 potential voters a day and are more solid and robust than the old ones. The salient characteristics of the new kids include, amongst others:

  • The weight which is 14 kg compared to 18 kg of the old one;
  • it is waterproof and shock-resistant in nature;
  • it has an intergrated temperature control and cooling system and an emergency stop that eliminates any risk of overheating;
  • a double level of energy autonomy, which steps up its performance, with an internal battery on each equipment that allows the kit autonomy as well as an auxiliary battery that is also capable of functioning for 8 hours without electricity supply making a total of 18 hours autonomy. 

It is worthy of note that 1020 kits were ordered and 720 of them will be dispatched in the days ahead.

Mys Epassy