Legislatives and Municipals 2020: Elections Cameroon is pursuing its strategy to improve the involvement of women in the electoral process.

A few weeks prior to the end of 2019 voter registration period, Elections Cameroon is continuing its strategy to improve the involvement of women in the electoral process. The goal here is to double efforts for more women on the electoral registers and an increased number of female candidates in upcoming elections.


In terms of statistics, women make up 52% ​​of the total population of Cameroon, yet poorly represented in the political arena. This is the case in the National Assembly with 31.11% women, in the Senate 26% and in municipal executives 8%.
It is in order to change this situation that ELECAM has provided support for certain actions.
Firstly, from 16 to 20 July 2019, ELECAM contributed its expertise to the training of women leaders through a seminar workshop organised by a Non-Governmental Association, "More Women in Politics" with the backing of the European Union. During this seminar, nearly a hundred women from all regions of Cameroon were edified on the legal aspect pertaining to legislative and municipal elections in Cameroon as well as mechanisms to master in order to be eligible as a candidate.
Next, on 23 and 24 July, Elections Cameroon was once again present at a two-day seminar organised by MINPROFF in partnership with UN-WOMEN which brought together some councillors, civil society representatives, certain political parties and of course about twenty women aspiring for elective positions. Once again, ELECAM's experts in the field of gender equipped participants with the sections of the Electoral Code that enshrine gender mainstreaming.