International Labour Day: ELECAM stands for the respect of staff’s rights.

This is the outcome of the institution’s celebration of 1 May, the 133rd edition of International Labour Day.

On this occasion, the Directorate General of Elections (DGE) jointly celebrated this memorable day with a warm communion between the top management and the staff. After the march pass at the 20 May Boulevard, the Director General offered to and shared with the staff, a common meal. During his speech, the DGE reminded the staff of the initiatives that contribute to a real desire to preserve a good working climate, such as subscribing to a health insurance for all staff as well as strengthening the capacities of ELECAM workers on the electoral process. He did not fail to reiterate that he will continue his efforts to strengthen and create a fertile environment for the emergence of talents and welfare of the staff of the electoral body under his command. It is therefore in a spirit communion that the entire staff present, including those of the Mfoundi Divisional Branch, the Directorate General of Elections and the Electoral Board, continued festivities graced by a raffle draw, cutting of the cake, opening of a champagne and a dance party.