Electoral register: Elecam sensitizes against multiple registration.

In respect to drawing up the electoral register as set out under Section 73 paragraph 1 of the Electoral Code, “no person may have their name entered on more than one electoral register or several times on the same register”.

Despite this disposition, it has been noted that, certain citizens tend to enter their names several times on electoral registers, which accounts for the occurrence of multiple registration. Note that whenever an elector is registered on several registers, only one registration is considered valid. Suffice it to say that, as the case is the current use of biometric technology during registration to capture fingerprints, enables ELECAM to process and ensure that every elector can only feature on the register of voters once. Unfortunately, the processing of the data of all the citizens registered several times does not guarantee the total deletion of multiple registrations. Such occurrence often results to misleading figures on the register of voters.

In the light of the above, pursuant to provisions of the Penal Code, multiple registration is considered a violation of the electoral law that can result to law proceedings.

It is worthy of note that, electoral registers are permanent and are revised every year throughout the national territory. However, in case of change of residence and for any other modifications, contact your ELECAM Council Branch for subsequent modifications, rather than register again.