The Third Ordinary Session of the Electoral Board for the year 2018 held, this day, at the Mont Fébé Hotel, as from 11 am, two days after the Fifth Session as of Right devoted to a mid-term assessment of the material organisation of the 7 October poll

#237Vote:Section 18 of the Electoral Code stipulates that the Electoral Board of Elections Cameroon holds four ordinary sessions every year. Thus, in conformity with this legal provision, the Third Ordinary Session of the Electoral Board of ELECAM took place at the Mont Fébé Hotel, this Thursday, 20 September 2018, starting from 11am. Its deliberations centred on the examination and adoption of the Proceedings Reports of the Electoral Board’s ordinary sessions of 29 and 30 September 2017, 14 December 2017, examination and approval of the draft budget for 2019 (Elections Cameroon and the Special Appropriation for the Electoral Board); appraisal of progress in construction work at the head office of Elections Cameroon, followed by a visit to the construction site. In a statement for the circumstance, the Chairperson of the Electoral Board urged his colleagues to greater devotion to work, in order to meet the challenge of a credible, transparent and appeased election, by the evening of 7 October 2018.