Biography of Prof. Pierre TITI NWEL

Professor Pierre TITI NWEL was born on 1 November 1940 in Matomb.

He is a holder of a Doctorate degree in Sociology from the University of Paris-X Nanterre. From 1973 to 2012, he was part of the lecturing corps as:

  • Assistant Lecturer in the University of Yaounde, and then Lecturer in the University of Yaounde I- Department of Sociology and Anthropology;
  • Lecturer at the Catholic University for Central Africa (UCAC) from its inception in 1991;
  • Associate trainer in “SILO-DEVELOPPEMENT SOLIDAIRE” within the framework of training internships for French NSV volunteers and workers to Africa.
International consultant in several bodies:
  • Evaluator at INADES, training of Secretary General and then in 1995 Director General of this institution in Abidjan;
  • European Union consultant within the framework of studies on implementation of the new strategy of maintenance of rural roads;
  • Conduct of several studies at the request of UNESCO and GERDDES CAMEROUN;
  • European Union Consultant for preliminary study to launch the support programme for decentralised urban development capacities;
  • Participated, in May 2010, in the drafting of a training plan for ELECAM staff on technical areas related to the organisation and management of elections.
  • Professor Pierre TITI NWEL played the role of an expert in several areas of theoretical research from 1984 to 2007, notably in action-research electoral matters.
He was an election observer during the municipal and legislative elections of 30 June 2002, the presidential election of 11 October 2004 and the twin municipal and legislative elections of 22 July 2007.
Prior to his appointment by a presidential decree as ELECAM Electoral Board Member on 7 July 2011, Professor TITI NWEL had held the following positions:
  • National Coordinator of the National Justice and Peace Service;
  • Moroccan correspondent (Central Africa Early Warning Mechanism) in Cameroon on behalf of the Cameroonian Civil Society within the framework of ECCAS;
  • Coordinator of the Independent Citizens Electoral Commissions (CECI);
  • Chairperson of the Management Committee of the Yaoundé School of Nursing Sciences;
  • Chairperson of the Board of Directors and founding member of the Foundation for the Education and Promotion of Persons with Hearing Loss (FEPPDA);
  • Research Officer at the National Committee of Man and Biosphere (MAB) within the General Delegation for Scientific and Technical Research.
Professor Pierre TITI NWEL is the author of about twenty national and international publications.

He is Knight of Order of Valour.