Biography of Mr. BELLE AMOUGOU Dieudonné

Mr BELLE AMOUGOU Dieudonné was born on 21 June 1960 in Batouri. He hails from the Lom-et-Djerem Division of the East Region. After completing studies at University of Yaounde from 1980-1985, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree and a Post Graduate Diploma, before gaining admission into the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM), where he graduated as a Treasury Inspector.

Prior to his appointment as Electoral Board Member on the 25 April 2017, he had held the following positions from 1985 to 2016:

  • Contract Officer at the Legal Affairs Unit of the Ministry of Social and Women’s Affairs;
  • Senior staff in charge of Preparation and Monitoring of the Debt Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance;
  • Service Head for Tax Collection in the Tax Collection Unit, Yaounde;
  • Service Head of Audit and Processing of Accounts at the Yaounde Central Treasury;
  • Service Head for Expenditure at the Douala Central Treasury;
  • Accounting Officer at the National Advanced School of Public Works (ENSTP);
  • Attaché at Secretariat General of the Prime Minister’s Office, Division in charge of Economy, Programmes, Budget and Finance;
  • Deputy National Permanent Secretary of the Kimberly Process in Cameroon;
  • Chargé de Mission at the Secretariat General of the Prime Minister’s Office.

At present, he is a Senior Treasury Inspector, superscale.