#237Vote Clarifications from the Director General of Elections on the use of mobile phones in polling stations by citizens

Access to polling by voters with their mobile phones is not prohibited by the Electoral Law.

This is the take-home message from the Director General of Elections (DGE) to the press on Wednesday, 26 September 2018, in the conference hall of the Head office at Bastos. This outing by the Director General of Elections followed the posting on social networks prohibiting mobile phones in polling stations.

Erik Essousse, DGE, in his statement of 26 September 2018, intimated that all operations carried out in each polling station are contained in Decision No. 0033/D/ELECAM of 09 August 2018, of the Director General of Elections, laying down the organisation of polling stations for the 7 October election. Also in the same communique, the DGE reminds everyone that in order to ensure the secrecy of voting, a polling booth is set up in each polling station.

However, vote counting and tallying are public. They take place in each polling station in the presence of voters who so desire provided the hall can contain them without obstructing the operation.